"I don't believe in trying, only in doing.  If you 'try' you give yourself room to just fail but if you 'do' then you keep doing until your succeed, even if  you make mistakes along the way you learn and keep doing.  This is true in all things I do, whether it is in a difficult math problem, a program I am doing, or making food.  I experiment all the time with cooking - sometimes it comes out great and sometimes it does not, but I keep doing and learning!"

Claire Hollingsworth,
Chopped Junior's youngest champion

Fun Facts


Youngest cooking champion in Food Network’s history

My favorite dessert was made by accident, my S’mores Brownie parfait.

Bread pudding is my go to dessert because is a great base for experimenting with flavors and they are everyday ingredients you have in your house.

I started cooking when I was 3-years-old with my dad.

I am inspired by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Alton Brown, Amanda Freitag and chefs at Edible Education.

Onions really make me cry!  That is why I wear goggles…and they now have become part of my look.


I love the science of cooking and the engineering that I did with my products! 

I have been on the First Rebotics – Lego League team for two years with my mom as the coach.  We have won at the largest state tournament in the world twice!  My mom is my #1 role model.

My cooking sleeve design helped our team win the award.  I also program and love public speaking.

I love STEAM and incorporate that into everything I do when cooking (science, technology, engineering, art, math)

My dad is an engineer and he learned how to cook and then we learned even more together.


My parents have always encouraged me to do new things and when I fail, I learn from it.  Most successes come from small failures that you learned from

We have a saying in my family –  “Why achieve when you can overachieve?”  This is how we live our life.

My dad taught me how to cook, my mom taught me confidence!

My younger brother Zachary is the best cheering section I could ask for and he was a really great tasting judge when I was practicing for Chopped Jr.  He took the role very seriously.

Good food is love.

Just Claire

I also get ‘nervited’ …my word for excited and nervous before every show or public speaking event.  

Confidence!  That is the most important thing when cooking or doing anything….just try things.

There is no try there is only do.

I am very opinionated.

I’m a very curious person.

I like to understand how to make things and how things work.