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Claire’s Experiences:

Claire started stirring it up in the kitchen at the age of 3 at home with her dad as a means of productive entertainment.  Her earliest memory was making a chocolate cake and licking a large spoon clean!  Cracking eggs since age 4, wielding a knife since age 6 and cooking healthy, tasty meals for her family and friends for years – Claire is an aspiring and inspiring role model for our nation.  Claire’s cooking and STEM experience, kind and helpful nature, wit, sense of humor and ease in front of large groups made her the perfect contender for Food Network’s first season of Chopped Jr.  See episode here

At the young age of 9, Claire impressed the judges and won the hearts of viewers with her personality coupled with her cooking creativity, presentation and taste as she seized the title of Youngest Chopped Champion and the coveted $10,000 prize with Chopped Champion Chef Coat. While keeping this secret for months, until the air date in January 2016, Claire worked on inventions and her brand.  Her new inventions are products designed to take the fear out of cooking and bring fun and color to the kitchen!  Claire started Claire’s Cooking Lab ( and her brand showcases her love of science, experimenting, and natural foods with lots of family fun and love!  Claire created her Supernova Seasoning and Rocket Rub, which she used on Chopped Jr. in her entrée. Claire also worked with a local craftsman to make her small hands knife.  These inventions are now for sale on her website.

Since Chopped Jr. aired January 2016, Claire has volunteered her time teaching kids to cook and pursuing STEM related activities.  She is actively sought out in the Richmond community for public appearances and continues to receive recognition for her achievements, graciousness and generosity.

What’s next?  A new cookbook is in progress, as well as a new kitchen invention.  Claire would like to see her seasonings & branded meals sold at Wegmans and offer her inventions/products with her STEM instructional approach to achieve her mission.  Her mission – encouraging parents and kids to get cooking real food by taking the fear out of cooking, experimenting and having fun!  Her dream is to have her own Food Science show where she can do STEM and cooking together!

Upcoming Events: 

Burger Bach (Short Pump location)                              June 15, 2017

Featured burger with sauce on menu with Supernova Seasoning

Sweet Shop Donuts Café                                                    June 13, 2017

Featured dish in buffet with Rocket Rub and Chopped Jr. Tournament viewing party

Chopped Jr. Champions Tournament                         June 13, 2017

Out of 74 Champions, 16 were selected for the tournament.  Claire was selected and competes again on Food Network.

Promo: ClaireHollingsworth-ChoppedJuniorChampionsTournament


Past Events:

Rotary                                                                                                             June 7, 2017

Talk on Chopped Jr. experience, her story and philosophy of CREATE, SHARE, GIVE

Broad Appetit, Richmond VA                                                                June 4, 2017

Richmond’s premier foodie event.  Claire was one of three judges for the Chopped competition with professional chefs, judging for 5 rounds in an all-day event and interacting with the public.  Claire’s Cooking Lab featured her seasonings and her snack dish, Supernova Popcorn.

Sweet Shop Donut Café, Powhatan VA                                             June 2, 2017

Claire’s featured donut “Claire KARE (kids are really exceptional) Bear” with her trade secret seasoning Dessert Booster.  Premier of sales for this chocolate yeast donut filled with a sweetened spice cream premiered on National Donut Day.

Techsters                                                                                                     May 12, 2017

Booth/Featured Speaker.  Talk about STEM – science/coding from FIRST LEGO LEAGUE and tie in to cooking, invention and robot with project                                                     

Taste of Richmond, Omni Richmond, VA                                          April 20, 2017

Crowd of 500 foodies.  SOLD OUT evening event.  Featured chef for demonstration of Claire’s Rockin’ Rocket Chili (vegan) with Claire’s trade secret seasoning.  Lead at booth for serving small bites and interacting with guests.  Sales of new product offerings.

Link to Taste of Richmond feature story:  ClaireCookingLab-tasteofrichmondfeature

Instagram takeover by Claire on @RTDnews on Wed April 19th (a day in the life)

Sugar Shack, Richmond VA (all locations)                                        March 15, 2017     

Created E-CLAIRE new donut for test market with her new dessert booster in chocolate glaze.  All proceeds to Doorways. Stores were overwhelmed with demand. SOLD OUT and backorders with 1.5 hour wait time.  Raised over $1000 from proceeds of one day of sales.

Featured Kid Entrepreneur – WRIC                                                  Feb 23, 2017

#MadeInRVAJr: “Chopped Junior” champion from Moseley turns winnings into growing business

Gamma Psi Chapter Guest Speaker & FeedMore fundraiser  Jan 28, 2017

Talk on her Chopped Jr. experience, her story and her philosophy of “ CREATE, SHARE, GIVE”

SAVOR event Fundraiser for Doorways                                             Sept. 24, 2016

  • Paired up with Chef Dallas from The Daily. Created Olive Tapenade with Pomogrante Foam (food science)
  • Raised $5000 at live auction

Midtown State Fair – Celebrity Judge for “Berry Dessert”                    August 7, 2016

Private Child’s Cooking Birthday Party, Midlothian VA              August 2016

Instructional baking of smore cupcakes and macaroons (8 kids)

Richmond Times Dispatch- Powhatan VA                                         July 11, 2016

Broad Appetit, Richmond VA                                                                June 5, 2016

Richmond’s premier foodie event.  Claire was one of three judges for the Chopped competition with professional chefs, judging for 5 rounds in an all-day event and interacting with the public.  Claire demonstrated her new products then announced the competition winner in the closing ceremony.

Science After Dark @ Science Museum, Richmond VA                May 20, 2016

Live cooking demo in the BOOST interactive exhibit where Claire made her signature dish that got her on Chopped Jr. –  Chicken Cordon New with a parmesan cream sauce!  The crowd of ~ 100 kids and parents kept coming back for seconds while Claire signed autographs, shared cooking tips and some laughs.

Up and Atom @ Science Museum, Richmond VA                          May 11, 2016

Featured speaker for fundraising event with over 200 Women in Technology leaders.  Claire’s speech and interaction with the audience about her experience in STEM, leadership and Food Network’s Chopped Jr. enabled her to help raise over $92,000 in less than 15 minutes to benefit the Science Museum of VA.

Virginia this Morning – Cooking Demo, Richmond VA               May 6, 2016

Follow up feature with cooking demo and interview.  Spotlight on Claire’s signature dish, no fear cooking sleeve, small hands knife & Supernova Seasoning!

Claire’s Cooking Lab brand, website, social media release         May 2016

First release of the no fear cooking sleeve, small hands knife & packaged seasoning and rub available

Edible Education @ Henrico Family Fair, Henrico VA                    April 9, 2016

Claire partnered with Edible Education on their cooking camps promotion and interacted with youth on making healthy, tasty power bars

Millwood School Auction Item, Midlothian VA                               March, 2016

Claire raised $1200 for her school at the fundraising auction, offering personal cooking instruction to a student and their friend with a meal for six to the highest bidder.

Board of Supervisors Proclamation, Powhatan VA                                   February 22, 2016

Claire was recognized with an official proclamation for her Chopped Jr. Champion achievement, bringing honor to the community as a gracious competitor and for her generosity with sharing 10% of her cash winnings with FeedMore

Virginia this Morning – Cooking Demo, Richmond VA                 January 29, 2016

Feature on the morning show with a cooking demo and interview.  Spotlight on her winning Chopped Jr. entrée and her experience

Ellwood Thompsons – Dessert Demo, Richmond VA                   January 16, 2016

Claire partnered with Edible Education for a live demo of her winning dessert, Bread Pudding with fresh orange zest! Special appearance with her friend and chef, Emily Waters!

Food Network Chopped Jr. Viewing Party, Richmond VA                       January 5, 2016

Public release of Season 1, Episode 11 “Cuteness Overload” with local press coverage and live viewing party with over 200 attendees.  Claire gave a big check, $1000 to FeedMore for the Food Backpack program



FIRST Lego League –State Championship, Harrisonburg VA      December 2015

Claire & team won the Teamwork & Leadership Award at the State Championship.  Claire, as team leader, successfully designed, built, & programmed a robot while also creating an innovative solution & exhibiting Core Values.

Edible Edu. – Instructional Videos & Voice Over’s, Midlothian VA      Sept 2015

CIO Magazine, Innovators Cover Story, Richmond VA                August 2015

Claire was selected as an innovator for a cover story on young innovators in the Richmond area.  Originally Claire auditioned to be on the Rachel Ray Kids Cook Off and instead was selected for Chopped Jr., a more competitive show.

Food Network Audition Video Production, Moseley VA             April 2015