Rocket Rub


Rocket Rub


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Get experimenting today with this rub! Sold in 1 oz packages. This is the NO salt added spiced rub that Food Network advertised on Chopped Junior, Season 1, Episode 11- Cuteness Overload.  Salt your meat, then rub on steak or pork, sear, and then bake off to finish with an explosion of flavor on your taste buds. Rocket Rub is also phenomenal in ground meat dishes such chili, hamburgers, meatballs, meatloaf, sloppy joes and salisbury steak.  WIN that chili cookoff, be the GRILL MASTER – it’s easy with Rocket Rub!

Experience the trade secret of this spiced rub offering an unconventional culinary blend:

Southwestern flavor (cayenne, chili powder), Antioxidants (ginger, turmeric, sweet paprika), Indian (cumin, curry powder), Chinese (chinese five spice)  

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